Shanna Moakler is honestly the best director and coach I could have asked for. While working with her I grew so much as an individual. Shanna never wanted to change me into what she thought a winner might be, she wanted to keep me as I was and highlight the best parts of who I already was. I am so thankful that I had Shanna was part of my Miss USA journey, I wouldn’t have become Miss USA without her.

Working with Shanna while I was Miss Nevada USA was such a blessing! I trained with Shanna to prepare for Miss USA and along our 6 month journey together, I learned so much about myself and grew as an individual through her guidance. Shanna knows how to bring out the best in each girl she works with. Thanks to Shanna I was ready for the title of Miss USA.

Miss Nevada USA 2014
Miss USA 2014

Working with Shanna Moakler was always a dream of mine. Winning Miss Nevada USA 2018 and being under the directorship of Shanna has been the most incredible journey! She invested so much of her time coaching, mentoring, and preparing me for nationals. I placed 2nd Runner up at Miss USA 2018 and I know if it wasn’t for the direction and help of Shanna Moakler this would not have been possible. She made my reign an experience that I will never forget! She is truly the best in the business. Thank you for everything Shanna

Carolina Urrea
Miss Nevada USA 2018

Shanna is the most guiding, resourceful, supportive and incredible mentor I could ever ask for. Throughout my journey as Miss Nevada Teen USA she has gone above and beyond to make sure i’m the best version of myself possible and I could not be more thankful for all that she has done for me.

miss nevada teen usa 2018

I will always be grateful for all the help, support, and encouragement Shanna Moakler gave me from the moment I won my state crown. She took me under her wing and prepared me for not only winning the title of Miss USA, but holding the job of Miss USA. Without her guidance, fun personality, and her drive to make me feel like the best queen I could be, I don’t think I’d be able to call myself a former Miss USA. 

Alyssa Campanella
Miss USA 2011

When I became Miss Nevada Teen USA, I expected it to be the best year of my life because I had achieved my biggest goal, and was going to have the chance to compete at Miss Teen USA. Competing at Miss Teen USA was AMAZING, but it was Shanna Moakler who truly made it the best year of my life. I was so fortunate to have had a director who made outstanding connections so I could have the best sponsors, teamed up with the best of the best to train me, and produced the best version of myself I could be, in just one year. She is not only an awesome pageant director, but an incredible mom, loving friend, and a mentor I will always look up to. What she taught me, I take with me in all aspects of life, and I am more confident in myself than I have ever been. Anyone who is lucky enough to be in her presence, and have her as a mentor is beyond blessed.

Alexis Smith
Miss Nevada Teen USA 2017
2nd Runner up Miss Teen USA 2017

I had THE best experience during my reign as Miss Nevada USA. I am so grateful to have had Shanna as a director. Not only was she my director, but she was a friend to me. She always had  my best interest at heart and helped me prepare for Miss USA to my fullest potential. Because of her I felt like I was able to compete as the best version of myself. She always makes sure her girls have the best of everything! I feel very honored to have been her titleholder. Joining the sisterhood has been the greatest decision I could have ever made. Thank you Shanna!!! 

Emmy Adams
Miss Nevada USA 2016

Shanna and I worked together towards the end of my year as Miss Nevada USA 2011. As the incoming state director she made me feel like one of her own from the beginning. Shanna is literally the whole package! She’s knowledgeable about the entertainment and pageant industries having been successful in both herself, and she’s well connected to quality professionals that just add to your team of support. Shanna thinks about the details that will lead you to success and her thoughtfulness is truly a stand out quality. I’ll never forget the replica doll she had made for me at my farewell pageant! I still treasure it to this day. It’s an honor to have worked with Shanna and even now, 7+ years later, she still cares for me as a former titleholder and I’m forever grateful I had the opportunity to be Miss Nevada USA. Thank you Shana for helping me complete my year on such a high note! 

Sarah Chapman Hult
Miss Nevada USA 2011

Shanna helped make my year as Miss Nevada Teen USA 2015 unforgettable. She always gave me honest advice and was very responsive. Her input / recommendations on interview, walking, makeup and wardrobe was so helpful. I’m grateful to have had a Director like Shanna Moakler! She really is the Best! 

Thank you for making my year so special!

Geovanna Hilton
Miss Nevada Teen USA 2015

Ever since I began competing in pageantry one of my dreams was always to work with Shanna Moakler. After winning the title of Miss Nevada USA ’15 my wish came true, and I had the wonderful opportunity of having Shanna as my state directer. Admittedly, because of her many successes with titleholders in the past, I put Shanna on quite the pedestal even before we met. Now, four years later, I can honestly say that she not only lived up to my expectations as a director; she far exceeded them. 

As a director she taught me all the basics; this included working on my confidence, walking in swim/evening gown, and mastering interview skills. These skills were major keys to my success at Miss USA, and my top 5 placement during the competition. One of my favorite things about Shanna’s coaching style is that she encourages each of the young women she works with to stay true to themselves. She focuses on integrating their personal quirks and passions in their performance rather than trying to change them. Shanna also surrounds herself with an amazing team of people. If she knows she’s not the most knowledgeable in a particular area, she’ll find the best person for the job, and have you work with them. Overall what made Shanna an amazing director was that she was always a friend first. Shanna is the real deal, and puts a ton of work in her pageants/titleholders because she genuinely cares about every contestants overall experience competing. I am forever grateful for all that Shanna has done for me, and feel lucky to still call her a close friend! Love you Shanna Xo

Britney McGowan 
Miss nevada USA 2015  
3rd runner up Miss USA 

“Shanna has an eye for the polishing a winner. No matter what phase of the competition you are competing in, she will give you the best individualized advice. Posing on stage can be difficult but she will highlight YOUR best attributes. She will make you feel so comfortable and confident in your own skin. Interview can be tough but Shanna will educate and prepare her client for every interview scenario.  Shanna goes above and beyond to prime her contestants, she is there from beginning to end. If you want to be a winner, get Shanna on your team!”

Amanda Jenkins
Miss NV Teen USA 

Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2011 was my first pageant ,I knew absolutely nothing about the world I had just walked into.  Thankfully Shanna was my director to help guide me to Miss Teen USA. Shana took me under her wing, she taught me everything there was to know. Through her guidance I was scouted by a agency and moved to la to start my career in Acting. It wasn’t always easy, I remember crying in my first mock interview, but she talked me through it, in such a kind gentle, encouraging way. Shanna had us meet with makeup artists, hair stylists, previous USA winners, she went out of her way to give us all the tools to be successful. Shanna treated us all equal while attending to each of our specific needs. She set up photo shoots for each of us, red carpet evens for different charities and got us styled! Not only does shanna know the world personally,  but her heart was in it, I could feel how she deeply cared for each of us. Shanna’s motivation and energy helped drive all of us to accomplish our goals. Its because of her help I am where I am today, form the bottom of me heart thank you Shanna!

Annie Read 
Miss New Hampshire Teen USA 2011

As a first time pageant competitor and extremely new to the Miss Universe Organization as a whole, there is no doubt in my mind the reason I was successful as Miss Nevada USA (top 10 at Miss USA)  is due solely to being under the direction of Shanna Moakler! She is honest, dependable and incredibly hard working on behalf of each woman she works with. Beyond that, she is an impressive role model who is always a leader to her titleholders. Her knowledge of the Miss Universe Organization and expertise in preparation is the ultimate advantage to each woman she works with. Along with her undeniable talent and impeccable taste, Shanna was always an absolute joy to work with. She truly holds the best interest of her titleholders first, and always manages to foster positive discussions that bring out the best in each of us. There is absolutely no one person I would trust with a pageant career more than Shanna, and ‘thanks’ never seemed like enough for the amount that she did for me!

Chelsea Caswell
Miss Nevada USA 2013

Working with Shanna was a dream come true, I not only felt mentally and physically prepared to compete at Miss USA but it is true when you hear girls says she helps you become the best version of yourself. Checking in to Miss USA,  I felt calm, confident and I had all the tools I needed to be a success. I am thankful for all her expertise, her mentorship has helped me years after giving up the title and I would highly recommend anyone competing to utilize her services

Lauren York
Miss Nevada USA 2017

“I never saw myself as a pageant girl until I was approached by the Miss Nevada USA org, the experience not only changed my life for the better but working with Shanna helped me grow as a woman and I am so thankful for all her guidance and preparation leading to my national competition. Placing 3rd runner up at Miss USA was life changing and having her guidance and team behind me was something I will be forever  grateful for as I felt prepared and ready to take on any challenge. Shanna’s guidance truly does take you to the next level.

Jade Kelsall
Miss Nevada USA 2012

“I was completely new to the pageant world and had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up to compete at Miss California USA 2019, but then I met Shanna and I never felt more confident. Shanna is more than just a coach, she’s a mentor, a true leader who’s incredibly passionate about helping you be the best you can be. For my very first pageant, I made it to Semi-finals, placing Top 15 and won the Top Model award, a modeling contract with MMG management. It was Shanna’s guidance, commitment, and encouragement from start to end that made me feel so confident and comfortable on that Miss California USA stage. Shanna really took me under her wing and went out of her way to make sure I received the best of the best care when it came to hair, photos, wardrobe, accessories, etc. One of the things that separates other coaches from Shanna is her ability to connect with you on a deeper level and truly care about your concerns. I’m supremely grateful to have been under her guidance and in the process get to know the beautiful selfless being that she is. Thank you, Shanna. Words aren’t enough to express my upmost gratitude for everything that you are. Thank you for being you. “

Brenda Sarai Zuniga
Social Media Influencer & Mindfulness Coach