Dr. Ben Talei and the Profound Laser!

Hi everyone! WOW it has been forever since I have blogged! I have to say I had a lot of major life changes since the last time I was blogging, moving and more moving and even more moving, but what’s even worse is ALL the pics on my pasts posts have dissappeared so I am going to try to get those updated again as soon as I can for any new readers! I am going to try to start getting back into full time blogging again as well as doing a small YouTube Channel about all kinds of fun things and keep this blog strictly Anti-Aging, skin and spa info! I really want to bring the real truthful information to all the men and women out there who are interested in trying new procedures as well as what is worth the money and what you should pass on!

Some of you may have saw my recent appearance on Inside Edition! If you havent here is the link to check it out!  Inside Edition

Sooooo WHAT DID I DO YOU ASK? HOLY COW! well before I get into that I want to introduce to not only a good friend but one of THE leading plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills Dr. Ben Talei! He really is an amazing doctor and I am very proud to tell you a little about him!

Dr. Ben Talei is the leading Director of the Beverly Hills Center for Plastic and Laser surgery, He practices every area of pastic surgery but has a real focal point in everything that is the “face” His Academic past is LONG and not only is he extremely educated in his craft but his list of humanitarian purusits is equally as impressive! On top of all that he is a gourmet chef a classically trained pianist and ladies he’s single! I could go on and on about Dr. Ben Talei and all the major celebs he has worked on, he truly has the reputation as one of the most sought after and best doctors in his field, but I will let you read his full bio here!  Dr. Ben Talei BIO

He also has one of the newest and most state of the art facilities in all of California, when you walk in to his office you know you are dealing with the best in this industry and to me this is something very important. I not only want my doctor to make me feel comfortable, but I want to know the enviorement I am in is clean, professional and safe and the staff is kind and courtesy. To see a 360 degree view of his office please click this link! Virtual Tour 

Ok! Ok! I know, I know you want me to get to WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO MY FACE!?

What I did is a new laser treatment called The Profound Laser, which is basically a Microlift laser! This means it Tones, tightens, lifts and works wonders for Acne and perfect for BOTH men and women! It is the WHOLE shabang! But I will get into the real nitty gritty of it now!

Why did I want to do it? I did it because I wanted to get lift in areas of my face I just wasn’t seeing with injectables, so that was my neck, my frown lines around my mouth and light wrinkles around my eyes and my jowels! I think the first thing that ages people are their JOWELS and I did not like even the first sublte sight of mine! I also as you all know am constantly trying to use preventitive measures so as I age I don’t wake up one day and look in the mirror and say who is that? I also wanted to get overall better texture on my face, becasue as we age our texture truly changes and not all the Cindy Crawford mircle cream is going to change that!


What is truly great about this procedure is it is a one time process! Not only that it has a 100% success and patients satisfaction rate! That is pretty much unheard of! It also is able to hit the not only the dermal layers of your skin but the deep subQ layers where all the real action takes place! The doctors have control of how deep and the temperatures of this laser so they truly have complete contol and can cater to your specific needs! It also can last up to 2 years!! basically halting your aging process! YES!

Ok! Now you have met the pro and you understand a little bit more about this new and cutting edge treatment let me tell you all about my experince!

I have been wanting to do this laser for a LONG time! However this laser DOES have down time! they say about 5 to 7 days, but for me it was a bit longer, I would say 10 to 12! But I have to be on TV and wear make up often so I really waited till the swelling went down! I also had another laser on top of this treatment that I will blog about next week, but for a different skin issue! So my healing time was a couple days longer, also NO sun! but I wasn’t plannig on going into the sun at this point anyway or out of the house for that fact!

IT DID NOT HURT! I swear! Dr. Ben gave me shots in my face very much like a dentist does for the mouth, I have to say that this was probably the worst part of the whole procedure, it didn’t take long and when I was numb I was good to go! No tears just some uncomfy pokes for a bit. Dr. Ben was very gentle and made sure I was comfotable the entire time! Once I was numb the whole procedure took about 35/40 minunts. I can’t really say how it felt becasue I was completely numb! excpet that he was pressing what felt like a stamp size device on my slowly until he covered my entire face.

Ok! So I know and was told repeatley that there would be swelling, however I was not quite prepared for HOW much swelling! when it was over and they gave me a mirror I almost died! I really looked like the cat lady of New York and My face looked like a pumpkin! I was reassured this was ALL normal in fact some people actually swell the next day but I had full swelling right then and there! lucky me! 

I went home and my NetFlix/Playstation marathon began, I can’t reiturate enough how much this laser did NOT hurt! I did not need any pain meds what so ever, however there are some medications the doctors want you to take such as an anti-biotic because it’s like have tiny little wounds all over your face, I did however NOT allow my BF to see me for 4 days! He knew dating me meant at times there would be down time but he wasn’t seeing this! lol.

Around day 3 I did sort of have a holy shit moment and needed reassurance that this actually was ok and the swelling was normal, Dr. Ben and his staff continuely checked on me, assured all my fears and made me feel confortable, ALL of your doctors should do this for you! Your after care should be as important as your procedure and I can say Dr. Ben and his staff did that for me and I am forever thankful! I’m actually an annoying patient afterwards and question everything!

Now, like I said I was swollen a little longer then normal but again, I did 2 lasers, one you will see in my next blog post, but that laser wasn’t the reason for the big swelling you see. here are some pictures of my results one month after! now I do have a little make up on in the after photos but the make up isn’t effecting the actual changes in the lifting and toning of my skin and face. you can see here the Nosalabial lines ( the lines from my nose to my mouth) I find these age women as much as the jowels and when women try injecting them with filler it can look weitd. mine are completely GONE! That isn’t the make up!

Here you can see in my eyes, my jowels, my nasal folds and marientte lines, I can’t begin to tell you how these pictures don’t even do my face justice! It’s like night and day to me and something you just can’t get with fillers or injectables. Its like reversing time by 5 years and slowing the aging process down another 2 to 3 to me! In this second picture you can see the lift in my neck which is something I really love and I didn’t have to be put under this was just done with a laser!

I really wish I had this done this before I started filming  my new show on the Lifetime Network  “Growing Up SuperModel” which you can catch weds at 10pm and get some info on it in the link above! I see scenes and I see all the trouble areas I only WISH I had done but couldn’t because of filming. here is a shot on my new show that makes me cringe! I think women and men can get so obsessed about the wrinkles on their face they forget the gravity that is aging them even quicker!

This is a shot taken of me about 4 or 5 days ago in daylight with no make up on and I am so happy and thrilled with my results! The great thing about this laser is your skin just keeps getting better and better as the months go on! I also want to clarify this was just a laser, I have not had any work on my face before ever, I have never had my nose done, cheek implants or any other major surgical procedures, I have simply had injectables and now the very awesome Profound laser! I feel like it took ten years off my face! Ok guys! if you would like to know more about this or any other procedure Dr. Ben Talei does, please take a look at his fantastic website and see his before and after pics here! Beverly Hills Center

Dr. Ben will be doing a great give away! TWO actually, 1 for this blog post and one for the next blog post! All I’m saying is botox is involved in the next! For this one he will be offering one lucky winner his exclusive AuraSilk Serum (I use this EVERYDAY) and a collection of his skin care line!  All you have to do is follow his Instagram account here Dr.Ben Talei and we will be randomly drawing a name a week from today! This is woth well over $500 and worth seeing one of the best doctors in action!


I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I gave you some insight on one of the coolest lasers out there! Next week I will be blogging about the highly debated Co2 laser and if its worth the downtime as well! talk to you all soon and don’t forget to wear your Sunscreen!








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