The Beauty Park in Santa Monica California

My first post is going to be dedicated to a fantastic med spa The Beauty Park in Santa Monica California, owned and operated by Nurse Jaime, She has over 20 years of experience with the most exclusive medical spas in the world! She has a long list of celebrity clients and loves working with the latest medical devices and cutting edge products!

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.14.39 PMWhat I love about about this med spa first is it’s location on the trendy and fun street of Montana Ave! Nothing like having a fab lunch at Kreation, shopping and getting some maintenance in! Many med spas specialize in “steam and cream” as well as injectables which Nurse Jamie does but her field of expertise is Lasers! I will be doing more posts in the future on some of her laser procedures that I have done there, I try to see her about every other month or at LEAST every 3 months!

She has numerous products but today I am going to be focusing on one of her best products and one of theScreen Shot 2015-06-11 at 10.14.34 PM hottest trends in skin care at the moment, Stem Cells! I know everyone has heard of this and many don’t know what it means! So Im going to try to give you the skinny and make it short and sweet! Stem Cells are in our bodies and help with tissue renewal, they are said to help with cellular regeneration and can have the capacity to repair damaged tissue. Now I know you may have heard of people who are ill using stem cell therapy to heal themselves, these stem cells are fostered from either the patient themselves or a donor and given intravenously, I was a spokeswoman for one of these companies called Blue Horizon Stem Cells and I do believe that style of treatment can be life changing! But these are NOT the types of stem cells found in skincare Stem Cell creams! The majority of these stem cells are from fruits and plants and the process to get them is expensive and must be done in a controlled environment which usually sends the price of these products higher, Still, some research suggests that stem cells can promote the production of collagen, the skin’s firming protein! I love me some collagen!

1-aNurse Jamie offers one of these cutting edge products and I have tried many but this one stands out where I have been able to see true visible results in my skins tone and texture! I like it because I can use it day and night as it’s a lightweight serum but it provides the moisturizing properties aging skin needs! ( we will discuss serums and moisturizers at another time) Another reason I feel her product works so well and I will attach her video on the science behind her product is also her very own Skin Stamping tool! To get this tool you must have a consultation with her but you CAN get the product without it and use just the cream

1-bNow the magic! A non-invasive tool that helps to rejuvenate your skin for a firmer, smoother and more youthful appearance. This unique tool imparts micro impressions to enhance delivery of and help promote increased effectiveness and efficacy of your skincare products. The gentle ‘press and lift’ action helps to stimulate collage and elastin production for more supple and renewed skin. THIS is a game changer for me because instead of just smearing lotion or serums on my face and have them sit on the surface I feel I can actually get the product “into” my face where it needs to be to be effective! and it works!

I have truly found that this awesome duo definitely packs a powerful anti aging punch and separates itself from the pack of Stem Cell creams out there on the market! Nurse Jamie also has a fantastic laser that targets the same concept but on a much more aggressive and awesome scale! She is truly one of the leading pioneers in skincare for women and I am so proud to share just a small fraction of her outstanding work! You can check out the shop tab for this product!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and like I said I plan on showcasing more info like this and more fantastic products to help women of all ages get the most out of their skin care regime!

Nurse Jamie has been so kind as to do a giveaway to one lucky lady! you can go here for more info!

Giveaway rules:

It’s very easy to enter! Comment below with your first name and your Instagram name. You must also be following Nurse Jamie (@NurseJamieLA) and I (@ShannaMoakler) on Instagram (should you win, we will reach out to you via Instagram). The contest ends next Monday, July 16 at 9 pm EST. I will announce the winner the following day on Tuesday, July 17! The winner be chosen at random.

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